So it turns out grad school is time consuming. I originally thought that this blog would be a good way to keep myself studying for the algebra qual, but it turns out to be less efficient than I expected. What this means is that, I have given up trying to post daily, or even weekly. From now on, posts will likely be sporadic, if existent at all. Sorry to disappoint.

Unfortunately this means that we’re sitting in the middle of Galois Theory without really finishing it off. Hopefully I’ll at least be able to finish this up within the next month or so.

After we’re done with Galois Theory, my posts will be more self-contained than a series on a specific topic. I do promise though, that if they continue, they will continue to be interesting.


2 Responses to Time

  1. Luqing Ye says:

    Do not write for the sake of writing.I think that if you do not have a small breakthrough ,such as a new understanding of a topic,a new proof ,then it is no need to write a post.Otherwise,if you write because you think you should write,then your posts will more like a textbook rather than your personal idea about math.Another reason for writing a post is that after you study a topic,you find this topic is a real mess in your head,then it is a good time to post about this topic to make your mind clearer.I hope you will keep up with your good work. 🙂

  2. JCummings says:

    I was always very impressed by the rate at which you were posting. I figured UCLA had to start getting time-consuming at some point!

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