Galois is finished

Over the past month or so, two issues have arisen that have prevented me from posting regularly. The first is that free time has been scarce. The second is that I have grown slightly bored of Galois Theory. I find that my explanations are much worse than I’d like them to be when I’m uninterested in a subject, so let me put a halt to Galois theory for the time being. What we didn’t cover are normal and separable extensions, a precise statement of the fundamental theorem of Galois theory, and the insolvability of the quintic equation.

For the sake of completeness, below is a link to a collection of short proofs in Galois theory. I hope you find them useful. 

I haven’t decided what is to come next, or when it is to come. I would like to cover some category theory, but drawing diagrams is time consuming. I’ll take some time to figure out what I want to do, and start posting when I feel confident I can get to a satisfactory point within the topic.


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