Stuff I Made

  • Below are links to notes for some classes I have taken/am currently taking. They are certainly not complete, and probably not correct.
    Modular Representation Theory Notes
    Theory of Groups Notes
    Lie algebras notes
  • I started writing this while studying for the algebra qualifying exam. Now almost a year later, I’ve decided to finish it. Last updated December 26, 2012.
    A Quick Introduction to Representation Theory
  • I gave a GSO Presents talk at the end of the fall 2012 quarter on the history of the four color theorem. My slides were supplemented by work on the chalkboard, so they are certainly not self-contained. Nevertheless, here they are. Last updated December 10, 2012.
    A Brief History of the Four Color Theorem
  • I spoke in the combinatorics seminar on the polynomial method and polynomial cell partitioning. My lecture notes can be found here. Last updated October 30, 2012.
    Polynomial cell partitioning notes
  • While studying for the algebra qualifying exam, I put together the following chart to help visualize definitions from ring theory and their containments.
    Ring theory chart
  • I made these in high school. Essentially they are crossword puzzles, but instead of letters in each box, you put a number. The clues look something like “Fibonacci number.” Oh, and I should add that the each of these puzzles tweak the standard crossword rules slightly. It’s explained in each puzzle.

According to my high school self, each puzzle has a unique solution, though I have not verified this since writing the puzzles.