Stuff I Like

Stuff related to math

  • Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics is most likely responsible for my love for math. It is a 6-week summer program for high school students which focuses on mathematics being an exploratory process rather than one of memorization. I’ve created some of my strongest friendships through this program, and have my utmost confidence in its ability to show high school students what mathematics really is.
  • I spent the fall of 2009 studying in the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program. It was a great way to see the world and learn mathematics at the same time.
  • Lockhart’s Lament is an essay by Paul Lockhart about the current state of affairs in the high school curriculum. He points out many flaws in the current system and proposes a few changes that might make math classes more interesting and a more accurate portrayal of what math really is.
  • The Funny Little Calculus Text was first shown to me by Adam Azzam. I think its awesomeness speaks for itself.
  • Math is not linear is cool for two reasons. First, it presents the same basic idea that the math education system is not doing such a great job, and proposes some new ideas. Second, it does so with Prezi.
  • I once stumbled across The Unapologetic Mathematician while looking for hints to homework problems. My blog is very much influenced by his style.

Stuff not related to math (but probably still nerdy)

  • I linked to Prezi above. It’s a free and interesting alternative to powerpoint-based slideshows that challenges the idea that presentations should be presented in an linear fashion.
  • I play ultimate frisbee. The governing body in the United States is USAUltimate.
  • GitHub is a great place to share and host code. Most code I have written can be found at